Valentines gift ideas

Valentine’s Day celebrated on the 14th of February, stimulates mass panic each year as couples across the world do their utmost to celebrate and show off their love for one another. It’s a day for showering loved ones with gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates and affection. Before you break out in a cold sweat and start googling gift ideas, let’s take a look at how this day started and how it grew into a global celebration of love.


How did Valentine’s day start?

The namesake for the day, St. Valentine was the original pioneer of Valentine’s Day. The story goes that during the 3rd century AD Emperor Claudis II Gothicus had banned marriages in Rome. He was wagging wars left and right, yet discovered that love and family were keeping men at home. As a result, he banned marriages.

The hero of our story, the priest, Valentine secretly conducted marriage ceremonies for couples before the men were sent to war. When the Emperor found out, Valentine was thrown into prison and was sentenced to be executed. So, St. Valentine sacrificed his life for the sake of love. His story lived on for centuries in the Roman Empire, and he was granted Sainthood by the Catholic Church. To honour his sacrifice, the church also held a magnificent feast on the 14th of February, the day birds begin to mate.

The day is rich with history, honour and romance, however, it can present a challenge for finding the perfect gift. You want to select something personal and original. Sometimes, we can be strapped for cash so we can only afford a small or inexpensive gift. Here are some ideas to help you!

Fun Facts about valentine’s day

  1. About 1 billion valentine’s cards are exchanged each year worldwide.
  2. In Finland, Valentine’s day is called Ystävänpäivä, which literally translates to Friend’s day. It’s a day to appreciate your friends rather than your lover.
  3. The kiss symbol in xoxo came about in medieval times when people had to make a signature but couldn’t write their name. So, they wrote an X and kissed it to show their sincerity.
  4. The heart shape wasn’t always a romantic symbol. It used to represent the anatomical heart, that was believed to be human’s centre of memory.
  5. The red rose is the symbol of love because it was the favourite flower of Roman Goddess of Love, Venus.
  6. The phrase ‘Wearing your heart on your sleeve is phrase’, has a story behind it. In the middle ages, men and women drew names from a bowl to see who would be their valentine. They would pin the name they picked from the bowl, onto their sleeve and wear it around for everyone to see.
  7. Henry the 8th was responsible for turning Valentine’s day into a day we actually celebrate. Since he had married 6 different women, he was an obvious fan of Romance. He was the one to decide that St. Valentine’s day should be a public holiday and one to be celebrated.
  8. According to Durex, condoms sales are highest around Valentine’s Day.
  9. Catholic church scratched Valentine’s day from its official calendar 1969.
  10. The most popular Valentine’s day gift is flowers.

Valentines gift ideas for him

Here are some awesome Valentine’s gift ideas we’ve found that could be perfect for him. We’ve found a combination of DIY gifts, cheap gifts, personalised gifts and even expensive gifts if you’re keen to splash out on one another.

DIY gifts

Homemade cupcakes/bake goods

If your other half has a sweet tooth, baking something delicious might be the perfect way to showcase your love! Baking some cupcakes that are his favourite flavour decorated with some little heart cake decorations are sure to bring a smile to his face.

Personalised photo frame

Another gift that you can do yourself is to make a DIY photo frame. Purchase a standard photo frame and applying your creative talents, decorate the outside of it to look special. Then pick the perfect couple snap.

Valentine’s baskets

Create a gift basket full of personalised items. It could be full of chocolates, treats or useful items such as socks, undies and shaving cream.

Pizza Roses

If your significant other is a food lover, making pizza rose might be the perfect way to demonstrate your affection for him. They are very simple to make and you can check out the recipe and video guide on how to make them here:

Decorate the bedroom

One of our incredibly personal and romantic Valentine’s gift ideas, is to spend some time decorating the room. Cover the bed in rose petals and light candles around the room. It’s an inexpensive gesture and doesn’t take long at all.

DIY rum spice aftershave

this is one for the crafty readers among us. It’s easy to make and smells fab. Check out the link on how to make it yourself below.

Inexpensive gifts

While DIY and personalised gift are thoughtful and very touching, it can be hard to find the time to do it. Therefore, here are a list of some other gift ideas you could get for you man. These are relatively inexpensive gift ideas but are incredibly useful in times of need.

  • Sunnies
  • Travel tools
  • Shaving brush
  • Scratch map
  • T-shirt tie
  • Socks
  • Undies
  • Flask

Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts take relatively little time to get together are . Skip the mad rush of the shops, and order your gift online, from the comfort of your home.

Photo guitar picks

If your significant other is musical and rocks the guitar a personalised guitar pick is an original gift idea. You can get the pick printed with a photo on of you together. So that whenever he gets his pick and starts playing he’ll think of you.

Personalised Calendar

To truly celebrate all your special memories together create a personalised calendar. Each month will be paired with a different couple snap. As you browse through the calendar you’ll be reminded of the great times you’ve spent together. Vistaprint is a great place to order them from.

Personalised leather wallet

This is a great personalised gift that you can order online, that is also practical. Write a little message that would make your partner smile. The great thing about this gift is that it’s something he’ll take everywhere with him, and each time he uses it, he’ll think of you.


Experiences are another original Valentine’s Day gift. In fact, science shows that experience gifts are more efficient than material gifts because they improve the relationship between you and the recipient. Here are some great Valentine’s gift ideas that are all about the experience and not material pleasure.

  • A romantic 3-course dinner in the comfort of your home
  • Cooking class
  • Climb the mountain together in abseiling
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Wine tasting tour
  • Escape room experience
  • Tandem skydive experience
  • Old Goal tour
  • Get dirty at Paintball

Valentines gift ideas for her

If you’re the guy looking for a gift to get for your special lady we’ve got some ideas too. If you’re strapped for cash we’ve got some great DIY gift ideas, or some inexpensive Valentine’s gift ideas that you can quickly pick up on the go. If you do however, want to splash out but don’t have the funds to do so at the time, that’s where we come in! You can apply for small cash loans right here with us.

DIY gifts

Date night Jar

This is a completely inexpensive gift and something you can do at home. Get a little jar and decorate it. Then fill it up with different date ideas written on little bits of paper. Transform your date nights into an exciting mysterious adventure.

Candle light Dinner

This is something that takes a little time but can be a super special and romantic gift. Make her favourite meal, paired with a beautiful wine. It may take a little bit of planning, including going to the supermarket buying the ingredients, cooking the meal and creating a romantic ambience but, she’ll love you for it!

Jar or box of memories

If you are sentimental you may hold onto little nick-knacks from significant or insignificant moments in your relationship. If that’s the case, you could consider gathering all of these together and putting them into a jar or box (depending on how many you have). When you give it to her you can remember all the good times you spent together as you go through each item in the box.

Personalised love map

This can be a really nice idea. All you do is get a map of the area you live in and mark down different areas of the map that represent different milestones within your relationship. You can even frame the map, add picture and make it as personal as you would like. It doubles as a fun and original wall decoration as well.

Inexpensive gifts


Red roses, the symbol for Valentine’s Day. You can’t really go wrong with a big bouquet of red roses, however, you could personalise the traditional flowers by selecting her favourite flower. Think about adding a beautiful vase to complement your gift.


If your significant other is a chocolate lover, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful box of chocolates. On Valentine’s Day there are plenty of chocolate boxes that are designed especially for valentine’s day. If you are in a hurry, grab her a box of chocolates and some flowers and you are set!

Personalised gifts

Jewellery with an engraving

A great personalised gift is a piece of jewellery. You can engrave a simple piece of jewellery with a personal message. Choose an inside joke or a lovely message of love. Whatever suits her best, a nice necklace, bracelet or even a ring; add a personalised touch to a traditional gift.

Personalised photo book

This a fun personalised gift. It doesn’t take too much time to organise, yet it’s a great gesture that showcases your love. You can include the best pictures from over your relationship. You can order these photo books on places like Vistaprint

A ring

Perhaps you think Valentine’s day is the perfect time to take your relationship to the next level and you have your eye on a engagement right. Your favourite ring however, is not cheap. If you think this is the right time to get her this special valentine’s gift we can help you out. Just get quick loans with us.


We gave you some great experiences as valentine gifts for him, but what about experiences for her? Of course, some of the experiences mentioned for the men could also be applicable for women too, it really all depends on what they enjoy doing. So here are some of the best ideas we found:

  • Aquarium visit
  • Couples massage
  • River dining cruise
  • Kayak tour
  • Helicopter flight experience
  • Whale watching cruise
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Snorkelling
  • Jet skiing

So, there you have it. Some interesting facts about Valentine’s day, some history about it all started, as well as some original Valentine’s gift ideas. There is a variety of gift ideas that are low cost and only require a little bit of time and effort, but the gesture can say a thousand words. In addition, you could also enjoy an amazing experience with your loved one and create some new dazzling memories.If you need a helping hand to make this day as special as you would like it to be, not to worry, Personal Loan Pal has got your back.