Looking For Instant Loans? How About Fast Loans Instead?

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It’s always a bit of a shock when unexpected bills pop up. They seem to turn up at the worst possible time and rarely do we have the spare cash to deal with them right away. Say goodbye to that carefully planned out budget. So, inevitably you turn to the internet to help you out. You start looking for instant loans to try and help you cover the unexpected bill or just a lender to help you out. But as the pages of search results load, you begin to wonder where you should even start.

Personal Loan Pal may be able to help you out! While we can’t offer you instant loans, we can help you find a lender who can assess you pretty damn fast! It may not be instant, but it’s the next best thing. Interested? Read on for details about Personal Loan Pals’ handy little service.

If you’re looking for instant loans, Personal Loan Pal can help find lenders for fast cash loans!

Personal Loan Pal is a lender-finding service that specialises in, you guessed it, finding lenders for our clients! Yes, you read that right. We scour the internet to find you a lender who may be able to help you out. We get how frustrating it can be trying to find a loan when you’re stressed out and need cash fast. There’s nothing worse than scouring through page after page of results, trying to find a lender who can extend the helping hand you need, trying to evaluate them all when all you really want is an outcome. Fast.

This is where Personal Loan Pal comes in. We’ll do all the hard work of getting your application in front of loads of lenders for you, without you needing to apply with them all. One quick application with us will get the ball rolling. You won’t have to go through the hours of fruitless searching, multiple applications and multiple customer service reps. If we can find a lender who may be able to help you out, we will. It’s as simple as that.

How to submit your application

Looking to submit an application for online loans instant approval Australia? Why not give us a crack, instead. We already know that you’re a bit stressed about needing cash fast. So, we made our application form as straightforward and easy as possible. Just follow these steps and you’ll have your application completed before you know it!

Begin by heading to the top of this page, selecting how much you would like to borrow. Next, enter your mobile number and a repayment period and hit the apply now button.

We’ll then grab a reason for applying for the loan from you and next get you to submit some personal details as well. Don’t worry, this part is quick, fast and painless!

By logging into your internet banking – note, internet, not mobile – you’ll be uploading a read-only copy of your bank statements. Confirm a few details for us and you’re almost done. Once you’re finished with your application and have hit submit we can then get to work trying to find a lender for you.

If we are able to find a potential lender for you we then pass along your application details and they’ll get to work assessing your application. From here on out you will deal with your lender directly. That’ll be it from us, our job is done! Well, unless you need another loan in the future, that is

If you don’t find instant loans lenders what can you find?

In an ideal world, you’d be able to apply for instant loans and with just a snap of the fingers, the cash would be in your account. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t always that sweet. Rarely are loans ‘instant’ and never are they guaranteed. Any company telling you different should be looked at very sceptically indeed! What Personal Loan Pal may be able to find instead are lenders who can offer other types of loans, fast!

So, whatever kind of loan you’re searching for, whether it’s fat loans, cash loans, bad credit loans or car loans, we can find lenders who assess your application, fast! They may not be instant loans, but they’re the next best thing.

What can almost instant loans be used for?

The lenders that we can find may offer super fast loans. This means that they can be used for a multitude of different reasons. Don’t let that emergency situation get the best of you. Grab it by the horns and get it sorted, fast. Here’s a quick list of just some of the reasons that people are searching for super fast, almost instant loans:

  • car repairs
  • car registration
  • medical expenses
  • Dentist bills
  • Travel costs
  • Utility bills
  • Emergency costs
  • Home repairs
  • Flights
  • Whitegoods
  • Body Corporate fees
  • Wedding costs
  • Funeral costs

And so many more! These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unexpected costs that have a habit of popping up at the most inconvenient time. So, if you have an emergency or unexpected cost that you need a hand with, submit an application and see if Personal Loan Pal can help you out. We can’t promise instant loans (who can?!) but we can find lenders who are damn fast at getting back to clients with outcomes.

What are your application criteria?

Just like our application process, we like to keep our application criteria pretty simple. We simply require the following four things from you before we can start trying to find you a lender:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent citizen
  • Have been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for the last 90 days
  • Have a mobile number and email address

And that’s it! If you meet the above four criteria, you are eligible to submit an application for our lender-finding service.

What are the costs of personal loans?

Personal Loan Pal is the lender-finder, not the actual lender. This means that we do not have any say over loan costs. Every lender is different, and as such, will have different terms and fees. We can provide an example of what costs you might expect, but remember that these are examples only. Make sure you always read your contract first so you know what all loan costs will be.

If your application is approved by a lender, remember to read your loan contract thoroughly, as it will contain all relevant costs.


Personal Loan Pal has no control over your repayment terms or costs. Remember that we are simply the lender-finders, not the actual lenders. Every lender is different and as such, will likely have different repayment terms. If you are approved for a loan, make sure you give your contract a thorough read and are fully aware of your repayment terms before signing!

Can you apply if you receive Centrelink benefits?

Yes, you certainly apply if you receive Centrelink benefits! We know how hard it can be trying to get finance if you receive Centrelink benefits. Traditional lenders can take one look at your application, see that you receive benefits and knock you back instantly. We don’t think this is very fair. We also know how these setbacks. when you need a bit of a helping hand, can lead you to frantically skimming through Google trying to find instant loans!

This is where we at Personal Loan Pal do our best to help out. We know instant loans are practically non-existent, and we know that it can be damn hard trying to get fast finance when you receive Centrelink benefits. With this in mind, we do our best to find lenders who are happy to accept applications from clients who receive Centrelink benefits.

Will bad credit affect my application?

Bad credit can seem like the end of the world. It’s been vilified, and borrowers may feel they have nowhere to turn. If you have bad credit, don’t feel that you don’t stand a chance of getting the cash you need. Bad credit is by no means an instant ‘no’ anymore and there are lenders out there that could be willing to help!

Personal Loan Pal can find lenders who are happy to receive applications from people who have a bit of bad credit history. They understand that not everyone is going to have the perfect credit history and that sometimes things happen, With this in mind, don’t let that credit score hold you back from applying. Instead, submit an application and let’s see if we can find a lender who can help you out.

They may not be instant loans lenders, but they can be the next best thing.

Does Personal Loan Pal conduct a credit check?

As Personal Loan Pal is a lender-finder and not an actual lender, we do not conduct credit checks. However, we can find lenders who may conduct a credit check as part of responsible lending practices and a thorough application assessment.

But don’t let the possibility of a credit check stop you from applying. As we mentioned above, we can find lenders who are understanding. They will look at more than just your credit report and take other factors into consideration. This is where your bank statements come into play. Lenders will take a look at these statements to see how you’re currently handling your finances. If they can see that you’re handling your money well, they may be able to help you out, despite your previous credit history.

A few final thoughts on Personal Loan Pal

Personal Loan Pal are here if you need a helping hand. We can find lenders who can help out when that unexpected bill catches you by surprise and you need a bit of extra cash, fast. We don’t promise instant loans, but we can find lenders before you know it.

Want to see more of Personal Loan Pal? We have you covered. Head on over to our Facebook or have a look at our blog for more helpful tips and inspiration!